Tax Return Assist
The simple way to file your tax return ......................
tel: 01622 677507
£99 all inclusive
This site has been designed for tax payers who need to complete a self assessment tax return but are not 100% confident with filing online with HMRC themselves.

Designed by qualified accountants who understand the concerns, this simple to use site allows such tax payers to provide the necessary information to enable trained and professional staff to complete the tax return on your behalf.  Avoid paying high accountancy fees but have your self assessment completed by a qualified accountant.

We are able to keep charges to a minimum by assisting you by completing your tax return online after you have provided us with all of the relevant information via our simple online form.
You can use this service if you are:
For £99 you receive the following:
  • A dedicated qualified tax manager
  • Completion of your tax return after filling in our simple questionnaire
  • An email copy of your completed tax return
  • An email copy of your tax computation
  • An email copy of your tax payments schedule
     plus ........................
  • We will deal with HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf
  • Your tax manager will be available to deal with any tax queries or questions you may have
  • Employed
  • CIS Worker
  • Self Employed
  • A Partner of a Partnership
  • Retired
  • Receive income from property
  • And anyone else who needs to complete a self assessment return
Registered and Fully Compliant with HMRC
Tax Return Assist is a trading name of Applied Accountancy Ltd, Registered in England and Wales, No. 3777873
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This site has been designed for tax payers who want an easy way to complete their self assessment tax return quickly and without the need to register with HMRC. Tax Return Online - Tax Return Assist - CIS Refunds
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